SID Rock-A-Bali Australian Tour Journal

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Boozin’ on 955km/hour
From Bali we’re off to Sydney September 25th midnite. Weather was good, everythin went smooth. The boys and girls of Kuta Rock City Angels were taking us to the airport. Sending their love and spirit with us. And of course, list of some oleh-oleh from Australia…

We’re on the same plane with the wild boys from Sunshine Coast, Australia who’d been coming to our infamous nest at the Lonely King Tattoo Bar anda Electarohell shop down Poppies Lane 2 during their two weeks holidays in Bali. What a coincident coz our first show will be at Sunshine Coast, so at least we’ll have some crowd down there.

On the plane, there’s some turbulance when we crossed Samudera Hindia but everyone’s a bit too tired to worry bout it, we just kept drinkin our beers until these eyes fall asleep. Man we wish everything goes well with the immigration in Sydney coz we’d rather eat Vegemite for a month than getting in trouble with them. Knock on wood on that one.
And ah, forget the Opera House, we’ll be in Sydney airport for 5 hours doing nothing, then catch the flight to Gold Coast where we’ll be pick up by our good fellas Ray and Tasha. Yes, we do love airports coz our life’s too boring. Eat that.
And oh, our music equipments still stuck in Brisbane! We ship them a week ago but there was some technical error so for some reason it’s still in Brisbane when it’s supposed to be in Gold Coast, like…yesterday. Well, we shouldn’t be worry too much about it anyway, it’s only our music equipments, and we can do the tour without it [yea right…]
We’ll just gonna steal other bands equipments…. haha….

Anyway, more gossip about what’s the new black in the white town is coming soon, gotta finish up the beers now and get a lil’ rest for tomorrow.

Cheers from 37000 feet up in the sky!

Sydney 26th sept 10 am.

Thank God everything worked well with the customs in Sydney airport, even though there’s a few kejadian like our stage crew Sadik almost got busted for bringin fruits in his luggage. The reason is, he forgot! Dasar Sadik dukun kurma illegal. The customs also asked about my boots, they were like “What do you use your boots for? Did you went to a chiken farm this the last 2 weeks? Have you been hunting? ”
I told them it’s just a fashion boots and I wear them to look kool. Yup, style does cost your….time. From international airport we gotta ride a bus to domestic airport and it ain’t free, biatch, $5 each for 5 minutes drive. In Bali, you can get 5 packs of Lucky Strike with that.

So ya we got in Gold Coast safe and sound and guess siapa yang memberi kita sambutan pertama disana…yup, the lovely airport securities! Just right when we got out from the gate, the securities chased us and and asked to check our bags coz one of the live saver jacket in the plane is missing [Yes, that yellow thing that’ll save your life if you get beat up by king kongs]. It’s sad but true, but people still judge punkrock book by it’s goddamn punkrock cover. Since we were all wear black and tattooed, we were convicted already. They search our bags and nothing was found, so they left. Thanx for the unconvenients mate!

It’s around 6 pm when we arrived at Ray’s and we’re all so tired but our Aussie mates were there, ready with beers, food and some stuff. So yea we had a lil welcoming party roll. The results? At the end of the party Kus got confused of wether he’s in Bali or Aussie so he wanted to get a cab home to Bali coz he missed his lady. Haha, that’s cute, Mike Tyson!

Just like when we started touring Indonesia, we all gotta share a room so half of us gotta sleep in the garage. Went bed pretty early, woke up at 6 and getting ready for a predictably-long-heavy-time at the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service [AQIS] office in Brisbane to get our stuff back.

September 27th.
9.30 am, me, Sadik and Tasha got in a car. An hour away to Brisbane, we realized how Aussie have really nice roads, and everything’s well built and organized. When we get at the AQIS office tanpa diduga everything went well, everybody was nice and helpful and we got our stuff back[minus the cigarettes]
Came back to Gold coast with smiles and ice creams….everybody was happy.
Tomorrow’s our first show, hopefully we’ll kick some brown black blue yellow and red ass in Sunshine Coast!

Sept 28th
All the boys woke up early and we played tennis at the tennis court next to Ray’s house. It’s a pretty good sport hey. After shower we prepared the equipments and got ready for 3 hours trip to Sunshine Coast. Our fellow criminals Rick and Damon came pick us up w/ their cars. The kruise to Sunshine begins at 3 pm, did some ridiculous thing on the road, we got to the venue Fusion Youth Center at 6.30. The venue was small and clean…I mean clean as in a strictly non smoking and non alcohol area. But it’s all good. We finally met Footy from Two Bucks Records Adelaide who’s set up our whole Aussie tour. Such a nice guy. He also helps selling our merchandise and spread our ‘A Streetwise Guide to Bali’ books. The venue’s not too crowded but everyone was chill and friendly. We’re playing with Stolen Youth [Footy’s band], Just Say Go, Forefold and Stand Or Fall, most of them are punk and hard core bands. The show haven’t started yet so we went to get some food and beers. My phone rang, the local boys of Sunshine Coast we’ve met in Bali called and said their on their ways. Smooth. We got back at the venue, met the local boys and had a lil warming up party at the parking lot. After a while we went in the venue to see Stolen Youth, and tell you what, this Adelaide boys kicks ass!
Then it’s our turn, still a bit nervous but we gave 100% of what we had. Yeah, it’s the first time we ever played overseas and it was great! We’ve got some good feedbacks, sold some CD’s and even some kids tried to give us money. After the gig, the local boys took us to this pub down at Mooloolaba. It was fun but for some reason, we were all kind of kicked out by the bouncers and headed back to Gold Coast at 12 PM. It was a quick way home. Another big night tomorrow in Brisbane and we’re ready for a bigger one. Sunshine Coast, thanx for having us there



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